Creating Partnerships: HMNS Loves the Idea!

As in the Weekly Post, September 24, 2010.

Post Oak High School has begun establishing museum district partnerships fundamental to its mission, and is enjoying a positive response from area institutions. This component of the high school pairs professionals inside world-class cultural and scientific organizations with post oak students in meaningful collaboration. This creates an engaging environment in which students have opportunities to develop skills and pursue interests in real-world settings. This network of partnerships, we believe, makes Post Oak High School unique among Houston’s top private high schools.

One of the first institutions to express interest in Post Oak’s program is also one of the most popular museums in the country (among the top five in annual attendance based on total ticket sales): the Houston museum of natural Science. Following discussions with High School Director James Moudry and Head of School John Long, HMNS president Joel Bartsch is enthusiastic:

“I see great potential,” Bartsch says, “for students to benefit from focused relationships with curators and staff at the museum—building on their coursework through real, behind-the-scenes experience with top professionals in the country. working closely with students also benefits the museum, furthering our mission to enhance in citizens an interest in natural science.
“I have always envisioned the existence of a high school based here in the Museum District so that students could easily access all various resources that the museums here have to offer,” Bartsch says. “Now Post Oak High School is making that a reality. Our collaboration will support the museum’s goals in innovative ways and provide an approach we can share with our other visitors.”