Student Advisory Panel Calls for Student-Run Newspaper

"But, there must be someone who's in charge to be sure it doesn't look ugly."

These are the moments when it's clear that when students are engaged, schools run better.

The Post Oak High School, opening in fall of 2012, will be directly created by current Post Oak School students. The faculty and administration are working to build up the school, but the ongoing work will depend on the contributions of students!

At this month's High School Advisory Panel (HSAP) meeting , ten Middle School and Upper Elementary students told High School Director, James Moudry, just what they thought about the new division for Post Oak. Their contributions continue to cover everything from how hard will it be to get into the program (ISEE or OLSAT or both) to whether there would be uniforms or just the familiar Post Oak dress code.

What about computers:
"There should be tablets or netbooks." "You'll want to give the students cases for the computers, too."

On the way out the door at the end of the meeting, one Upper Elementary student drops one last morsel:
"We should have a lacrosse team. I have two friends who play lacrosse and they really like it."

In case you haven't heard, the sports offerings will continue to grow as students move into the high school level.


What is happening at the School of One?

Learning (as it turns out!).

The School of One is a NYC public school that is implementing a student-centered learning model infused with healthy use of technology by both students and faculty. It's getting some serious attention including:


This post is brought to you by the letter 'i'.

"Where will all those innovators come from? Currently, we are chasing testable competency in academic core skills. It is quite a different thing to try to educate future innovators. We don’t test for that."

Many have argued, just this point: that the great innovators have often come about despite their experience in school rather than because of it.

Take a look at this article about The Five 'i's of Education...Imagination, Inquiry, Invention, Implementation, and Initiative. (Don't they all sound so good!)


Did you see the brochure?

It's hot off the press and turning heads. Take a look at that snazzy cover.

If you attended one of the parent coffees in the past two weeks, you already have one.

If you missed those events and want to get a brochure for yourself or a friend (think: parent of current 7th graders across Houston), just ask for one at the front desk.

Need more information about the high school? Surf over to the new content on the Post Oak School website.