iPad and Montessori?

There are iPad trials now in many schools with children as young as kindergarten and all the way through high school.  How effective is the tablet technology?  Is it right for all ages?

Which is better for a high school student to have: a tablet or a laptop?  Does the OS matter?
The iPad2 allows for fluid, individualised learning, exploration based on the interests of the child 
Read the rest of the press release for this N.Ireland school, working on Montessori principles, that rolled out 530 iPads to the middle school students.


Rethinking the schedule...

45 minutes or two hours? What's the right length for a high school class? Does it depend on the subject?

At private schools, though, the longer classes are becoming more common, said Patrick F. Bassett, head of theNational Association of Independent Schools. “I’ve never heard of anyone going back to a traditional schedule, not once,” he added.
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