The Transformation of Field Work

How does a gas pipeline field surveyor use his iPad?
He explained that he could make his surveying plans into a PDF, mark them up and share with others, through their email, laptops and smartphones. Then the fact that his iPad had a camera, where he could document the joints in the pipes with an image and geotag it with longitude and latitude, added even more value to his productivity.
Boring or real world help?  
...when you are out in the field and every second counts in a project, every joint, every cross reference, using the iPad is making his life easier and more accurate.
It would be hard to imagine that a story like this is unique.

Want to dig further?  See how the iPad fares on an archaeological dig site.

Where does a high school student fit into this?  In the field right next to these experts of course!  

So...tablets or laptops?  The conversation rages on.


Think Examiner.

Did you miss this little gem in the Bellaire Examiner?

See, now you didn't!  It's so easy to stay caught up!


Think Again.

Did you miss it?  Catch up with this digest!

  • Location at 1102 Autrey Street
  • 6000 square foot building
  • Large floor-to-ceiling windows flood the space with natural light
  • Flexible open concept interior space allows customizable learning environment that responds to student interests and needs
  • The hub of the school's activity in the museum district
  • 15 minute walk to HMNS!
We're enrolling for fall 2012!  Apply now.

Remember: Place Matters.

(Also, you're never left out of the news when you're connected to The Post Oak School online!) 

We think it's time to re-think high school.  It's a place where students gather to Think Again.


Think Location.

In just a few hours, we'll do the unveiling.  Many unknowns will become known knowns. ;-) 

Every question probably won't be answered, but we only have an hour!  If we don't get to yours please drop us a note

Afterward, we'll be whisking the 8th graders down to the location in the Museum District and hearing first reactions from them.  After lunch with them, we're all going to meet with Joe Havel, Director of the Glassell School of Art.  They'll get a glimpse of the arts partnership we have with the MFAH (say "Tutankhamun"!).

See you at school at 10:30!


Place Matters.

Where, oh where, will the high school be?
Until Thursday, patience will have to prevail.
Come Thursday at 10:30 to learn about the location of the Post Oak High School in the Houston Museum District.
Why does place matter?  No matter where you are, you're somewhere.  Buildings and forests and all the spaces around us tell us something.  They speak to the history, the economy, and the culture of the place.  Places are dynamic artifacts of human civilization and natural processes.
To sit in a room and imagine a place is not to 'be' there.  When we travel to a place, when we get the dirt of that place in our shoes, and when we shake the hands of the people who live there, then we can know.  We learn best on our feet, not on our keister.
How can a school combine classroom learning with hands-on experiences?  Steven H. Corey, an associate professor and chair of urban studies at Worcester State College:
“The active learning component is critical,” Corey said. “We aren’t just standing there lecturing. Students are using urban history, and they take it with them once they leave the classroom.”
And it's not just for a grade says Gregory Wilson, associate professor of history at the University of Akron:
“Students want service learning and engagement, and they're not finding it in many other classrooms."

(The Pedagogy of PlaceInside Higher Ed, January 4, 2008)
Thursday at Post Oak, we'll talk about the ins and outs of learning in the Museum District, beyond the classroom walls.


600 Districts: iPads For All!

Are laptops giving way to iPads in high schools?  A recent USA Today article reports that more schools are trading heavy, outdated textbooks for lightweight, dynamic devices.  Will students catch the fever of 'technology'?

One such iPad devotee is 15-year-old Christian Woods, who starts his sophomore year at Burlington, Mass., High School on a special student support team to help about 1,000 other teens adjust to their new tablets.
"I think people will like it. I really don't know anybody in high school that wouldn't want to get an iPad," he said. "We're always using technology at home, then when you're at school it's textbooks, so it's a good way to put all of that together."
Oh.  Maybe it's the schools who are playing catch-up. Read the full article.


High School in a Cricket? No Way!

Can the high school fit in a small camper trailer? No.

Can we learn from the inventive and ingenious mind of former NASA designer Garrett Finney who designed the new Cricket Trailer? Absolutely.

That's why we asked Garrett to help us think about how to design a space just for teenagers to do their best work.

Read all about his Cricket Trailer in the latest issue of DWELL magazine.