Rekcol Gallery #2: Monday Afternoon

Monday afternoon: Iris Ayala ('18)

Art galleries this week...

We try to keep you up to speed on the latest in art trends at Post Oak!

This includes this week's ten artist show taking place inside a single locker.

The show is called Rekcol. Ten artists are each taking a half day in the locker space.

First up: Ari Fletcher-Bai ('16)

More to come...

Construction Begins...

Monday, 18 May

The First equipment landed today on the Autrey campus! The first work will be to prepare the site for some temporary parking to the northeast of the current high school building. It's exciting! 

More to come...


Science - It's on

Cow heart dissection. Not for the faint of heart.


Paleontology Field Studies

Missed the A-Term presentations last month? 

Check out this one about the Paleontology Field Studies in Seymour, Texas.

As always, there's a lot going on at Post Oak!


The 8%

On display now at the Contemporary Arts Museum, Houston is The 8%, a piece of art by Post Oak Student, Matthew Watowich ('17). The piece focuses on the marginalization of teenagers in contemporary society.

Matthew is pictured below on opening night, in front of his piece, along with Jodi McNamara-Alexander ('16), Riane Belgau ('16), and Grace Armstrong ('16).