The Element (School in Canada)

We're always excited to hear news about the spread of the ideas we're working on at Post Oak.
Congratulations to Pat Gere and everyone in Ottawa for their tremendous work on this program.
Construction at the dedicated space began about two weeks ago, and once completed in mid-August will feature a commercial kitchen, design studio, science lab and a learning commons, rather than traditional classrooms. 
As a vibrant central hub, one that is accessible by public transit, Lansdowne is expected to provide an ideal learning environment for the teens. The students will be able to access several nearby amenities and services, including an Ottawa Public Library branch, a skateboard park and ice rink, as well as basketball courts and baseball diamonds. 
“We decided it was important for us to put the adolescent into contact with the adult world rather than taking them out and putting thousands of them in a high school subdivision,” Gere said. “One of the things that adolescents crave is interaction with the adult world.” 
This is in keeping with the Montessori educational method based on the work of Italian doctor and educator Dr. Maria Montessori.
Read news about The Element and visit their website.