What should teens be doing this summer?

You might have already caught this piece when it aired on KUHF a couple weeks ago. There's a list following the link to the article.

Give this five minute piece a listen, then let us know below what's on your list!


Smart Parent Tip (for Independence Day)...

I have to wholeheartedly agree with Carri Schneider's Smart Parent Tip from last week. She says you should go see Pixar's new movie release, Inside Out.

I saw it and I agree.

Throughout the entire film, I just kept thinking, between episodes of laughing out loud (I'm older, so I don't LOL, I do it the old-fashioned way) how helpful this movie would be for anyone who is a parent or a teacher of children. Especially if they work with or parent children around the transformational time of early adolescence (say around 11 turning 12 like the film's protagonist).

Some may say I gush over the film because it features a family from Minnesota (my home state) or a lot of scenes that reference hockey (Minnesota carries the nickname, The State of Hockey).

If you don't go see it for your almost-teen, young teen, or even older high-school-aged child, consider seeing it for your(adult)self. As Ian Phillips, a writer at Business Insider, put it in his article's title,
Pixar’s imaginative ‘Inside Out’ was so powerful that it changed the way I understand my own emotions
So that's my Independence Day recommendation. In support your child's emerging and growing independence during adolescence, go see this film. Maybe even *gasp* with them.

Have a great holiday weekend!