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  • Falmouth Field School J-Term Course

Day 1: Good Trip to Good Hope  
Travel days can be unpredictable, but today wasn't nearly as tedious or tiring as I had expected it to be. Gathering everyone to go through airport security went fine. The plane was extremely comfortable, as it was half-empty and we had no assigned seats (who doesn't love a bit of extra room?). This is my second time going to Jamaica, and it was definitely serendipity--not the members' travel experience--that made this day a breeze. Everything just went well.

  • The Art of Cooking J-Term Course

First Day of Cooking! 
Today was our first day of the Art of Cooking J-term. We spent most of the day working with Chef Justin Kouri at the Recipe for Success house. I think that one of the most important things that we learned and worked on today was to getting familiar with knife skills and general kitchen safety. Knives are very important tools in the kitchen and it’s important to know how to use them properly so that you can be safe. We also used a lot of vegetables in our cooking today, which helped us practice cutting different foods in different ways. Chef Justin also explained to us how we can get healthy foods like vegetables and fruits for a relatively low cost. 

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